Please note - This is the uncensored 'director's cut' - *Content warning - This film contains allusions to suicide and describes addiction to poker machine gambling*
Short Synopsis: A 25 year addiction to poker machine gambling has cost ‘Sharon’ almost everything... and very nearly her life in this short, fully animated documentary, voiced by Claudia Karvan. 
Long Synopsis: ‘Sharon’ (63) has been addicted to poker machine gambling since they first arrived in Australia in 1992. Through this fully animated documentary, she takes stock of the devastating costs. Told in the first person, Sharon’s story culminates with an incident that pushes her over the edge; an encounter with her 7 year old daughter, and her precious piggy-bank. Sharon’s cautionary tale is unique in that it is comprised of several real life stories (taken verbatim), and amalgamated into a single narrative that speaks to a universal, yet personal experience, as voiced by Claudia Karvan. The truth is, thousands upon thousands of people around the world are plagued by addiction to poker machine gambling, and their stories are chillingly similar; hence why Sharon’s story is the sum of many. This story not only asks people to pause and re-think their next spin, but asks a broader question of those regulating the industry; ‘How many suicides will it take to see genuine reform?’  
Written, Directed, Edited by Charby Ibrahim
Voiced by Claudia Karvan
Produced by Charby Ibrahim (Marhaba Films) & Rob Innes (Mashup Pictures)
Directors of Art and Animation (and animated by): Leanne Lee & Aaron McDonald
Executive Producers: Jennifer Peedom & Helen Gaynor
Executive Producers for The Guardian: Jacqui Edenbrow & Charlie Phillips
Original Score: Jacob Richards & Nikita Bugaev
Sound Design: Ramsay De Marco & Charby Ibrahim
Sound Mix: Ramsay De Marco
Casting: Stephanie Pringle & Alison Fowler (Chicken & Chips Casting)
Legals: Shaun Miller
Screen Australia Investment Manager: Alyssa Orvis
Online Digital Producer: Rob Innes
Special Thanks: Franco Di Chiera, Miranda Cully, Aleck Morton, Hannah Moore
Very Special Thanks: To all those who generously shared their stories in the making of this film
Principal Production Funding From: Screen Australia (LOGO)
A Marhaba Films Production - Copyright 2019 - All Rights Reserved
*Content warning - This film contains allusions to suicide and describes addiction to poker machine gambling*

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